The Crew


The Bluewater Crew has been carefully assembled to ensure only the most highly skilled, trained & certified electricians and technicians in British Columbia are on board your boat.

At Bluewater, we only use the most technically advanced product lines on the market. Since our crew members are leaders in the marine tech industry, our clients are always pleased with the exceptionally smooth & professional delivery of their boating project.

Andrew MacDonald

An industrious problem-solver and entrepreneur who takes great pride in building a professional crew that is recognized as Canada’s leader in marine technology.

Jason Vandergaag

A World-Class Sailing Dad that brings his passion to the boat yard.

Reece Roberts

A kiwi scuba diver turned master marine engineer.

Paul Silvester

A professional skateboarding Dad with master marine tech & creative skills.

Spencer Treffry

A tech-savvy expert executing the most complex marine tech systems in British Columbia.

Stanica Golijanin

The Captain of the Proverbial Bluewater Ship--she keeps our clients & business on course.

Johana Zelinska

Literally, a Master in Marketing & Management (and dragon boat drumming), Johana sets the pace on project management to ensure smooth sailing though the finish line for our clients.

Steph Brown

A Mompreneur + marketing leader that works hard to understand the client to ensure the delivery of innovative and meaningful value.

Stanislav Amdur

A native to Newmarket, Ontario, this keen electrical apprentice has moved across the country to be closer to the ocean and is eager to grown and learn from the best in the marine tech industry.

Barb Langer

Barb brings years of experience to the team and is a great liaison between our clients and technical crew.

Sebastien Vanry

Marine Electrician + Technician

Abigail Wong

Bluewater Engineering Intern